Me, My Inventions And Concepts

    This is me, Aloysius Dalli

Below is an image of my first invention,

Inflatable toy simulating space station and ship


My second invention is “AQUARANT” See.

I invented the AQUARANT for large Hotels in need of better occupancy. If developed the AQUARANT would be FUN and Entertaining…

The AQUARANT could also be developed on Land surrounded with a doughnut shaped Swimming pool.  It would be a great addition in Las Vegas.


My third invention/Concept is FUNTASEA, see:   Below is another image I created to depict FUNTASEA.

FUNTASEA is a Huge Project, I wish all Countries would develop FUNTASEA for their people.

The below is my fourth Invention and it was meant for people that needed to relocate and be able to move their own furniture and belongings. I meant it as a Vehicle to be rented;  I named it Transport A Cruise

The below is my fifth Invention/ Concept on how World Peace could come about, see:

The below is my 6th invention, it is The Flag of World Peace, see: The below image is of my left hand holding the Flag of World Peace. It is the Small Flag of World Peace/Hand Held type.

The below is my 7th invention part of my Jewelry Inventions of The Flag of World Peace, it is The Pendant that could also be worn as a Pin. See: 


I am very proud of my Inventions/Concepts because I created them out of Love of Humanity.


Aloysius Dalli

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