Are We Civilized?


(By “We” I mean everyone on Earth including the U.S.)

Can we say we are Civilized? Really?

We still have Wars, People Killing People

Murders occurs Daily (Just listen to the News on TV)

The U.S. Government takes money from American workers by Force; I am referring to the “Income Tax”

In the Midwest and other places Floods occur due to heavy rain causing destruction; people losing their homes and often their lives! This happens Yearly and nothing is being done by the U.S. Government to prevent such disasters!

Large Fires are destroying our Forests and the U.S. Government does nothing to prevent such Fires!

The US Government and other Governments have Nuclear Weapons! What in hell are they thinking?

Many people are starving and Homeless Worldwide!

America is a great Country but has no Free Health Care! The reason? The U.S. Government is in Control and most American politicians have no common sense…

The U.S. Government Controls everything, they collect Taxes from Americans by force via the IRS and the American people have no say…

The IRS have ruined many Americans’ lives!

President Donald Trump went to Israel and proclaimed that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel!  Is Israel a U.S. State? This is far reaching… This is bound to aggravate the Arab Nations. It would be wise if President Trump remembers that he is the President of the United States not the World Ruler… (By: Roberto Mora Bello)

A composite image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump


Are North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and President Trump Civilized?

See Article by By Alex  Sep 20, 2017, 5:40pm EDT

The Heading of the Article reads as follows:

On September 19, President Donald Trump gave his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly. His harsh rhetoric toward North Korea stood out — mostly because he threatened to obliterate the country of 25.4 million people.

If we are civilized why is it that the Article does not address concern regarding the innocent people of North Korea, why is it that President Trump has shown no concern regarding the innocent people of North Korea? Why is it that the News Media has not addressed the same concern? Referring to killing millions of innocent North Korean People… What about beautiful talented children such as these? See:  and


By the way, The current USA population is above 300 million.  Something we need to think about.  By: Aloysius Dalli


ISIS refer to themselves as “Soldiers”, who are their superiors? Who is supplying money and arms to ISIS? I feel that such suppliers are equally as bad or worse… Are such people Civilized? I think not, Aloysius Dalli

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