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This is a Synopsis of FUNTASEA:

I wrote my FUNTASEA Concept back in 1972, approximately 45 years ago. how time flies!

FUNTASEA is my mental labour of Love, when I wrote my Concept I had in mind, Children, Adults and Seniors, I wrote my FUNTASEA Presentation in favour of all people, a WIN-WIN-WIN Concept.


Children would have an opportunity to practice their favourite Sport for Free…

Adults would have a place to stay at a Beautiful Hotel when visiting their Parents at FUNTASEA…

Seniors would have a place to go to affordably as if they would be on a vacation for the rest of their lives at a Resort atmosphere. (Not to Retire but to Relive)

When I conceived FUNTASEA, I thought if I succeeded I would be doing something wonderful for people and at the same time I would become rich… this did not happen even though I have promoted FUNTASEA since 1972.

Now that I am 80 years of age I still envision the Good FUNTASEA would be for Humanity and for this reason I recently changed/revised my Presentation and invited all Governments to copy my concept freely for their people. In other words I am no longer seeking financial compensation, my compensation would be if Governments would create FUNTASEA for their people and make it available as part of “Social Security”.

I wish every Country would have a FUNTASEA; reasoning that if all people worldwide were to compete in Sports as they do during the Olympics in a friendly manner, perhaps Wars would become obsolete? This is one of my Dreams to see World Peace.

I am very proud of my FUNTASEA Concept for it might lend itself towards World Peace. See:

Note, to understand my FUNTASEA Concept you need to read my entire presentation, please do not jump to conclusion prematurely after reading only a portion of my presentation. My Presentation is lengthy but worth reading fully.

I am also rather proud of what I wrote regarding creating World Peace via proper Education, see:

Presently Planet Earth and the people on Earth are not doing so well, however, I truly believe that with new found Trust, Love and Care for one another everything could change for the better.

Regarding all people in Government worldwide

It seems to me that all politicians Worldwide function as if they follow the same old “Book”.

In order for things to improve Governments need not only educated politicians, but people that are inventive, meaning that when such people (Inventors) see that something is not working, instead of making the same mistakes over and again, they would have the capacity to invent new ideas to see if they could improve things for their people and also consider the rest of the World. All politicians need to learn that “Earth Is Everyone’s Home”

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Aloysius Dalli

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